Monday, November 1, 2010


... at the end of the tunnel.

This poor little blog sure has been neglected, but that's mainly because I haven't had much to update about.

Since my last post...

=> I have had eleven more rounds of radiation. It should have been 13 but I was given two days off last week because the machine broke down. They'll just add two days to the end of my treatment plan.

Things are going well with the treatment. I have felt very little fatigue, but they tell me it's accumulative and I will probably feel it the most during the last two of the six weeks. My breast is pink and the skin is tight and sensitive (kinda like a sunburn), but it's manageable. It's a little tiring having to go to the office every day, but it is what it is and I'll be done here in a couple of weeks. If you've ever seen Groundhog Day, you know a little of how I feel. At 3:20, I relive the same 20-30 minutes each and every day.

=> I started back up on Herceptin and will continue on a 3-week cycle, which means my next one is this Thursday. I experienced no (at least none that I noticed) side effects and I was in and out of the office in 55 minutes. If I can stay on schedule, I should be done around the beginning of June 2011.

=> I am feeling great. I have regained a lot of my strength. This is most likely due to the fact that I'm eating more since most of my appetite has returned and my taste buds seem to be working normally again, and the fact that there is no longer the harsh chemo drugs coursing through my veins. I'm sleeping well, and I'm not having to deal with any side effects. It feels good to feel [mostly] normal again.

=> My hair is slowly growing back. Up until a week ago, I would have described the look of my hair as sparse, fuzzy, and light (gray) in color, but what I had was growing in length. In the last week, I have noticed a lot of new growth - a bunch of little dark nubs springing forth, which is very encouraging. I'm so sick of wearing hats and a wig. Plus, with the growth (however little) that's occurring, my head is always itching - more so when I have a wig or hat on.

I think that's about it. See... not to much to report. As always, though, I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers.


Just Mom said...

Not much to report???? I think the fact that you're sleeping well and have your taste buds back is terrific news. :-D

You're still in our prayers here in the "Just Family" home.

Kegulneq said...

So happy to hear it Diana! I love/hate the groundhog analogy becuase its one of my favorite movies but I hate to think that this is what you live with everyday. But remember to focus on the fact that at the end of the movie he did get out of it. Just as you will.

So thankful that you are sleeping and eating well again! Awesome news! And your hair! I know the wig is annoying and just think soon you will be able to pull off a GI Jane look with just a little hair and your going to look awesome. You ARE one tough chick! lol


Steve said...

Ah! No, no, that was a lot to report, thanks.

Sis said...

This is all great to hear! Thanks so much for posting, Sis! Woo hoo for hair, taste buds, energy and more! Thank you God! Bless you Nanner. Will keep praying!

Dad said...

Great news DiDi! This will soon all be behind you, and you’ll be a better person for surviving it. It’s so good to hear your positive attitude and words of encouragement. Enjoy your recovery and feeling great. We hope your treatment today goes well with no side effects. We’ll be praying for all of this.

MightyMom said...

good news all around!!

glad to hear it!


Sounds like you are doing great! Awesomesauce!!

mom said...

It's so good to know you are feeling so much better, that the hardest part is over.

You will probably have lots of "wacky" hair days.

Keep up the great attitude!

Carmi said...

I wish I had a fraction of your strength. I'm so glad you've decided to share your experiences with such grace, eloquence and honesty. I know this inspires others in so many ways.

Lori said...

You remain in my thoughts and prayers Diana.